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I've dedicated this page to some of the more interesting studies I undertook whilst studying for my degree at the University of Plymouth. Hopefully there will be subjects that will interest everybody so please peruse at you pleasure. Note that these essays are of my opinion that were then corrected by the associated academic staff. Therefore, some discrepancies to actual science may be apparent, but overall the content is of the utmost accuracy.

Trading of coarse fish
This essay discusses the stages, processes and trading requirements when marketing coarse fish in the UK. If you or your angling club are looking into re-stocking your waters this is well worth a read.

Fish Swimming
An interesting essay revolving around the area of fish locomotion. Subject areas include body shape, propulsion, swimming style and muscle use.
Fisheries Stock assessment
An opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the assessment techniques applied to analyse fish stocks in the world's oceans.

Gill Structure and Blood flow
A concise piece describing the countercurrent system across fishes' gills that enables the removal of oxygen from water.
Physiological and metabolic adaptations in salmonids
Fishes require certain physiological and metabolic adaptations depending on nutrient requirements and environmental changes. This essay discusses how salmonids (salmon and trout sp.) change their way of life to counteract theses changes.
Farming of Brown Trout
An overview of the basics behind the farming of brown trout - sadly a dying business in the UK.

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