Mortgage without contribution: dream or reality?

The project of a house is a dream shared by millions of French people who wish to become owners or invest in stone for a second home or rental, only the doors tend to close when the contribution is not present. Light on this particular financing where solutions remain.

Loan without contribution is doing well

Loan without contribution is doing well

Contrary to popular belief, credit without contribution is doing well. However, many households have to multiply the steps to obtain the best offer, from an acquisition project, the French pass to an obstacle course where offers of all kinds can make their appearance.

With a contribution, a borrower can negotiate his rate, assert his borrower profile and earn several thousand euros on the total repayment of the loan because by borrowing less, we repay less and therefore interest is minimized. Without contribution, it is more complicated because you have to play on the borrower profile, show your good will and try the negotiation by sometimes agreeing to take out additional products: savings, life insurance, insurance.

What conditions for the loan without contribution?

What conditions for the loan without contribution?

A real estate project without contribution is not a fiction, it is indeed possible by contacting a financing specialist (see this site for example). The idea is to make a request by having own bank accounts, that is to say no presence of rejections or unpaid in the three months preceding the request. Then, it is necessary to clearly define the project and the amount of funding to be able to cover any costs related to the operation, we will then speak of funding at 110%.

Finally, credit insurance is often a margin product, which allows banks to counter a very low credit rate, it is for many borrowers a mandatory consideration, namely to take out expensive lender insurance, it is good to know that you can change coverage for 1 year after signing the contract.

The big banks have become more active in small business lending in the years following the financial crisis, but to this day only the most creditworthy businesses are considered, and most banks require collateral to secure the loan.

Such lending requirements create challenges for smaller businesses with few assets, and for business owners who are wary of risking their personal assets. A number of internet-based non-bank lending sources have emerged to provide small businesses with access to financing without the need for contribution.

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