My name is Mat Couchman and I was born in Loughton, Essex in 1973. My passion for fish, like many others, stems from early angling experiences.

Throughout my career I have achieved excellent academic qualifications to back up my practical experience. Between 1990 and 1993 I gained a City & Guilds in fish Husbandry and BTEC National Diploma in fish Farming and Fishery Management, both attained at Sparsholt College, Hampshire. More recently i graduated from the University of Plymouth, Devon, with first class honours in Fisheries Studies. These have been a great complement to all round knowledge in the field of Fisheries Science.

A view to Fisheries

The area of fisheries management and aquaculture is hugely diverse. I now ply my trade as a fishmonger in London on Chelsea Green However, my previous vocation, Fisheries Manager for M.E.M. Fisheries Ltd, required numerous skills and experience to complete contracts successfully and efficiently. Day to day jobs varied from simple netting and fish removal, weed eradication, stage construction all the way through to extensive zander removal projects on the canal systems. Also many fish rescues are undertaken as continuous work is being done on the UK's old and wearing canal system; commonly sections are drained completely thus fish removal is essential.


Just a few sentences to name some people that have aided my career thus far.

John Ellis, Fisheries Manager, British Waterways South East.

Ian McNeil, Director, M.E.M. Fisheries Ltd.

Dr Simon Davy and Dr Tim O'Hare, Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth.

And Mrs Heidi Mcnair, Formerly the owner of Frog Island Trout Farm, Abinger Hammer, Surrey as this is where it all started.

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